Georgia Antique License Plates

What Qualifies as an Antique Vehicle?

In Georgia, a vehicle is considered antique if it is 25 years old or older. These vehicles are often considered classic or historic and may be used for shows, parades, and other events but not for general transportation.

How to Apply for Antique Plates

To apply for antique license plates in Georgia, visit the local County Tag Office with your vehicle registration, proof of insurance, and proof of age of the vehicle. Complete the necessary application form and pay the applicable fees.

Benefits of Antique License Plates

Obtaining antique license plates in Georgia can offer several benefits including reduced registration fees and exemptions from certain regulations. Additionally, these plates enhance the historical authenticity of your vehicle.

Regulations and Restrictions

Vehicles with antique license plates in Georgia must abide by specific regulations. They cannot be used as daily transportation and must be maintained to represent their historical period. They can be used for exhibitions, parades, and other events.

Ensuring that your classic vehicle is properly registered with antique license plates in Georgia is key to preserving its historical significance and abiding by state regulations. Always keep abreast with any updates on the requirements for antique plates.